Genius Loci is back – discover Santa Croce: art, music and culture in dialogue with the spirit of the place. The Festival takes place this year from 28th to 30th of September, with events on the evenings of 28th and 29th and with a final concert on 30th September at sunrise.

Hospitality is the theme of the VI edition of the Festival. It will be a journey conveyed by music, stories, culture, thoughts. An ideal journey in search of hospitality.

The festival takes up one of the great themes of the Franciscan Rule, hospitality, and at the same time returns a contemporary vision. Among the artists the rapper Ghemon, the geologist and TV presenter Mario Tozzi, the demographer Massimo Livi Bacci, the Japanese band Taiko Drummers and the singer Zola Jesus.

Given the great success of the event, we inform you that new tickets will be issued in the next few days:

22 September: extra tickets for the evening of 28 September will be available from 3pm

25 September: extra tickets for the evening of 29 September will be available from 3pm

26 September: extra tickets for the dawn concert on 30 September will be available from 3pm

The initiative is organised by the Controradio Club, the Opera di Santa Croce and Controradio, together with the cultural association La Nottola Di Minerva. This project is part of major exhibitions and festivals of the “Estate Fiorentina” organized by the Florence Municipality with the contribution of the Metropolitan City of Florence. “Genius Loci, discovering Santa Croce” is unique on the Italian scene.

Genius Loci – September 28th

September 28th is the first night of Genius Loci 2023 edition VI. Once again this year Santa Croce welcomes musicians, actors and performers from distant places and heterogeneous contexts to its evocative spaces. The evening of the 28th is like the beginning of an ideal journey to discover ancient oriental traditions, Mediterranean music, jazz rhythms and much more.

SOLD OUT: extra tickets for the evening will be available on 22 September from 3pm


Visite guidate Genius Loci

Genius Loci, nuove visite guidate alla scoperta di Santa Croce

Le visite guidate si svolgeranno nei seguenti giorni:

  • sabato 14 ottobre alle ore 11.30 e alle ore 15.00
  • domenica 15 ottobre alle ore 15.00